Soundscaper Pro

Soundscaper Pro 3.0.0 Apk

Soundscaper is a fabulous soundscape generator for relaxing and working. Create beautiful ambient soundscapes in no time. Combine 16 sounds into your own unique sound environment.
According to recent research, a moderate ambient noise improves creativity by prompting abstract thinking. Give you an easy creative boost, stay focused or just relax with one of the multitude of combinations.


– Gentle sea
– Busy cafe
– Birds chirping
– Softly flowing river
– Autumn wind
– Dolphins screaming underwater
– Cricket chirps
– Crackling fireplace
– Snow storm
– Wind chime
– Thunder storm
– Light rain
– Sloshing waves
– Train journey
– Water drops
– Leaves rustling


– 16 ambient sounds
– Live sound mixing
– Sleep timer
– Offline sounds (no internet connection needed!)
– 7/7 support (please submit a support request to contactez

Requirements: 4.1 and up

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