Urgent Calls

Urgent Calls™ (Full version) v1.0 Apk

Urgent Calls™ is a new kind of Do Not Disturb app that will ONLY disturb you in case of an emergency. With it you can put you phone on silent the way you normally do, but at the same time still be reached in urgent situations. Urgent Calls™ will only disturb you with an alert signal when you have multiple missed calls from the same person.

Cause you know it was urgent when you pick up your phone and see a lot of missed calls from the same person. So from now on every time you put your phone on silent mode, Urgent Calls™ will automatically activate itself. When it sees that you keep missing calls from the same person, it will immediately alert you with sound.

No setting up required. Just put your phone on silent the way you normally do and Urgent Calls™ will automatically alert you when the amount of missed calls from the same person has been reached. It’s battery friendly and an easy to use emergency alert system.

All Apple iPhone’s already have this system built-in as part of their Do not disturb function. Using Urgent Calls™ all Android users can get it too!

Normal call blocker apps have so called whitelists they use for emergency alerts. While all other calls are blocked, a whitelist is a list of your favorite contacts that you allow to reach you in case they have a emergency call. The problem is that all contacts in these lists can ALWAYS call you, even when there is no emergency.
Most people who are in silent mode don’t want to be disturbed at all, not even by their best friends or parents. The ONLY time you may disturb them is when there is a real urgency. And that is exactly what Urgent Calls™ gives you!

– Read & Write call log: needed to see the missed calls and knowing when to alert.
– Read phone calls/state: state of phone is needed to properly run the alert system
– Read external storage: needed if ringtones are on sd card

More functions coming in updates

Requirements: 4.1 and up

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